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Scuba Dive Brisbane - Dive Stradbroke Island

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Stradbroke Island Scuba Centre offers a full service dive facility, right from the beach at Point Lookout. Boat dives run daily to some of the best sites South-East Queensland has to offer.

Our Dive trips depart at 7.30am & 12.30pm daily depending on demand and conditions. All of these fantastic dive sites are within a quick fifteen minute trip from our establishment:

Recently awarded 10 year outstanding service to the dive industry.

Visibility is usually around 15-20m, and, during the summer months we often experience visibility up to 30m! Over spring and summer we enjoy a stable climate with day temperatures averaging 27C, with water temperatures ranging from 25-27C in summer and 19-22C in the winter months. The dives sites are situated around large exposed and unexposed rocks and reefs, all situated out from Point Lookout.

We offer dives for the novice to the expert, as well as PADI Diving experiences and courses:

Or if you haven’t been diving in a while you keen to get back in the water you can do a Refresher Course

We also have a range of speciality courses: